Philosophie Of Numbers
by Magnamentis


Who's seeking an oracle,
Will never be able to find one!
But whoever is seeking himself,
Will be able to fathom his foundation!
The oracle is the handle bar of the weak!
The Strong are building the future upon the present! 


Knowledge & Understanding Are
Sources For Personal Freedom & Vitality

Although essential content of this book is entirely new, some basic knowledge of older and more recent traditions have taken their proper part in this book of course. New is for example the parallel use of three different numerological principles. We call it :  "Applied Integrated Numerology"  which allows for a direct comparison of those principles, supplemented by new findings and clarification of contemporary formulations. The three underlying principles are:

1. The Platonic Principle

As the name implies, named after the Greek philosopher Plato, who's philosophies were influenced by the first known philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras.


2. The Cabalistic Principle

Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew letters qofbetlamed. When translated, it literally means "to accept" or "to receive." But it is usually translated as "Tradition." Kabbalah is also a discipline and school of thought concerned with the aspects of the mystical Judaism. It is a set of esoteric teachings that is meant to explain the relationship between an infinite, eternal and essentially unknown creator with the finite and mortal universe of his creation. In solving this paradoxon, Kabbalah seeks to define the nature of the universe and the human being, the nature and purpose of existence, and various other ontological questions. It also presents methods to aid understanding of these thereby concepts and to attain spiritual realization. Kabbalah was originally developed entirely within the Jewish community and constantly uses classical Jewish sources to explain and demonstrate its esoteric teachings. These teachings are thus held by Cabbalists to define the inner meaning of both, the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and traditional rabbinic literature, as well as to explain the significance of Jewish religious achievements.


3. The Principle Of Norse ( Germanic ) Rune Mythology

Most of the written sources for Norse mythology were assembled in medieval Iceland, the Old Norse, mostly from the Edda. Norse mythology is the best preserved version of wider Germanic paganism, which also includes the closely related Anglo-Saxon and Continental varieties. Germanic mythology can be shown to preserve certain aspects attributed to common "Indo-European" mythology. Norse mythology has its roots in proto norse, the Scandinavian "Iron Age" pre-history. It flourished during the "Viking" era and following the christianization of scandinavia during the high middle ages passed into Scandinavian folklore, some aspects even surviving to the modern day. The mythology from the romanticist Vikings revival came to be an influence on modern literature and popular culture.


4. What New Content & Insight is the Philosophy of Numbers Providing

This new Philosophy of "Applied Integrated Numerology" differs substantially from previous publications, besides many other by the following characteristics :


4.1 Integration of Three Principles into One System

The Integration of several principles into one system is an effective means for the results to be compared with various other principles of numerology and to be cross-checked. I am certain that many will agree, that if the results of one of the principles claims to be correct, it must be confirmed by the result of the other principles and thus can be verified at least in the approach. The reversed conclusion is indeed absolute. Namely that if the result by one of the principles differs from the result(s) of one or more of the other principles, especially if they are diametrically different from each other, it is objectively proven that either one of the results, or even all results are incorrect. We can therefore by this new method of integrating different principles into one system still not objectively prove the accuracy of a result , but we can eliminate errors in the interpretation and therefore significantly increase the probability that our results are accurate. Together with direct comparisons of well known individuals and their biographies, we are getting very close to objectively correct result. Further I have to mention here that experience, wisdom and fair motives are still necessary at all times to receive valuable results that would support the analyzed persons in their attempts to improve their lives.


4.2  Analysis in Thematic Groups

An old and well known problem in the interpretation of results, which applies by the way to other fields of analysis such as to Astrology, is firstly, the influence of subjective and/or unrelated criteria upon the performers, as well as the subjective weighting of results by the calculated entity itself by giving high values to positive and thus welcome interpretations as welcome confirmations of their wishful thinking, while negative results are consciously or unconsciously repressed and/or less valued. Unrelated and/or subjective criteria may for example be financial and/or other personal interests of the performer.

For example it can be assumed that a performer's "client" will usually not seek the services of one interpreter who truthfully points out to him repeatedly and unalterable unwelcome facts.This means an economically threatening situation for the interpreter, should his life depend entirely or partially from the line of work in question. So he will, consciously or unconsciously, tend to emphasize results towards his clients, that they would prefer to hear. He can even do it without telling lies, simply by weighting and possibly suppressing some of the negative findings in his analysis. This mechanism, "Political Correctness" is greeting here, is nowadays almost hyper modern.


5. Approaches to Problems in Analysis

Telling the truth was critical at any time in history and in any political and/or social system. The difference today is that the manipulating powers actually openly acknowledge that the truth is not welcome. They use psychological weapons like the weapon of image, which is targeted to destroy an opponents "good reputation", by affixing citizens who are not concealing unpleasant facts, as antisocial and anarchistic troublemakers or at best categorize them with a certain respect as a nonconformists.

An entirely new approach to to problem just described above, is a presentation of results embedded in a large general picture of an analyzed person. This as both, descriptions of people as a whole, let's call this a picture of the personality, as well as through thematic snippets. All this is well described within the Book of which this is only the preface. Such images are developing in the eye of an analyst through over a long period of  time accumulated experience and by analyzing an as high number of living people as possible, who whether are in person very well known to the analyst himself and/or who are very well know by their well documented life and/or last but not least of people who are very well known because their lives were perfectly well documented and verified post mortem.

Only then, one can acquire the precious art to read between the lines and thereafter, by intuition should there be sufficient of it, get the most accurate impression of a person, that can be verified, corrected and fine tuned through facts, figures and other available information. In any case, however, remain the precise and clear statements of the results themselves, proven to be accurate through a countless number of facts and/or self performed control calculations.

The greatest benefit can be achieved through application of the acquired knowledge to ourselves. As you will readily recognize, the assessment of the numbers is subjective, because there are always at least two fundamental angles to lock at things. On one hand there is the side of the spirits, of light, of the soul, of the Universe as a single whole, and on the other hand we look at the side of the profane, of the ego of the petty, of the physical bodies, of the materialistic things, of the limitations and last but not least of the dark and the negative.

But watch out, terms like those just listed above, are not bound to belong into one group. The Formulation "The Negative" is just one example. The term belongs not necessarily to the group of the animal, of the profane, and/or of the physical. The term may well apply to more spiritual topics. Similar revelations not only apply to any of these terms, but as well at any time and in any context. Unfortunately, human language, without an endless series of relativizing statements, does not allow for much more precise formulations. Thus we are going to use terms with there being a broad consensus about their meaning.

I shall give you an example, that in connection with astrology and numerology often plays an essential part. The most frequently mentioned issues from clients are complex questions of wealth, health, respect and happiness. Consider the question of wealth as a well comprehensible example of the general relativity. Most people are afraid of not being favored as far as their future prosperity and a their fate are concerned. They are afraid of failure and poverty. Although, quite incidentally, on the search for the light, the truth and the higher self, poverty is by far and significantly a more useful tool, compared to wealth.

The human ego tends to perceive poverty as a punishment, disgrace and misfortune. From the perspective of the development of one's higher self, or soul, however, poverty, of course with all it's facets in relation to one's individual personal environment, by far the most effective tool to get people start thinking and give them the opportunity to open up for new insights.

This book and its history is not at last due to own failures and setbacks. Among other factors, thanks to the philosophy of numbers, I became aware however, that this, among others tasks, is precisely one of the tasks assigned to me. Thus, the alleged accident, both, in my personal perception as well as for my personal development and character forming, but also to the effect of tangible results such as this book, transformed into something, that from a holistic point of view can be considered as something positive.


6. Transformation of the Personality as a Goal

A transformation of Personality, indicated by the number 13, is always a main crossroads. Either such an indicated and thus due transformation is performed accordingly, or the affected entity lapses temporarily into darkness. For those affected, such findings are in terms of their egocentric desires, such as wealth, etc., of course, not pleasant at all. One might describe it as a burdensome necessity, because even with all the knowledge and all the goodwill that we can muster to follow the path to the light, the battle with the basic instincts will never be fought to it's end until our physical death.

It's about the struggle of the spirit and humanity versus the animal which is inherent in us, at least if one recognizes that the level of spiritual development as the essential difference between human and animal. As many know, the Bible and other sacred writings as well, use exactly this comparisons over and over again. The term "The Animal", wants to express precisely the same thing that is the issue of this book. Unfortunately, there is paid to little attention towards the real meaning of this terminology. Probably because people do not like to admit that they are animals on their way to spiritual entities. Ergo, we are animals.

From such considerations comes the title to this book. By comprehending his own fate, human beings are enabled to recognize the unpleasant side effects of their own doings as positive stimuli, and therefore ultimately transform their supposedly own defeats into victories, and draw strength from them, not to despair of the many hardships of Life.

One important part is the, with advancing age, more and more recognizable identity between the individual "Image of Numbers" and the various realities of life. The image of numbers can be compared to a painting, for example the painting of a tallship and huge waves. If someone knows how a tallship looks, he or she will immediately identify it as such.

So if someone can read an image of numbers, he or she will not identify single numbers but the picture as a whole and/or major parts of that picture. In our example that would be the tallship and/or the huge waves, but rarely brown, white, and blue stripes or spots.

Such coincidences are building a kind of growing evidence for the existence of superior powers, This applies especially when analyzing deceased persons whose lives are fully documented, thus the end is not unknown.

One can almost equate genuine happiness with knowledge and misfortune with ignorance. Certainly we can gather similarly deep looking intelligence without or by means of other tools. Such tools would typically include, this list by far not claiming to be complete, physics, astrophysics, astronomy and many others. Thus it is suggested and again emphasized.


7. General Statements for a Better Understanding

Of course this book contains in no way all truths and all of wisdom or only close to all the knowledge. Numerology in this form is one of many possible tools to find the path to wisdom and it demands in any case, the expressed will and a deep desire for objective correctness.

On the contrary, it is a small excerpt from the infinite wealth of knowledge in nature. However, for a seeker, it means without any doubt, a rather precise and neutral instrument, to find out about more about certain critical procedures and mechanisms of life and the Universe, as well as to find a fair amount of confirmation and explanation for what happens and happened in hindsight. We don't have to ultimately understand why certain things are like they are. What counts more is that we recognize the facts as such, thus accept them as such and then directs our thoughts and actions accordingly, to our best knowledge and conscience, in the future.

Generally speaking, much is about to distinguish between a good, strong, important energies of higher levels, and a just as well just as strong and just as important energies of lower levels. Higher energies are not "better" energies, but, to put it as simple as possible, they are older, more bodied

Here is a simple but obvious example: Is it not true, that a sixth grader usually outperforms a first grader easily, last but not least thanks to the advantage of a few years of experience? However, it is most likely, that the best first grader will pull ahead of the worst six grader during the further course of both their lives. In some cases it may even have happened already.

It also makes obvious the difference between quality and quantity and that it takes both to the reach the ultimate target. This is especially true for the supposed contradiction between wealth and religiosity, between body and mind, etc.!

Indeed, all factors are relevant in order to achieve the greatest possible impact. The ability to combine these energies in an optimized manner, in other words, reaching the highest of all levels, does simply not exist in today's world. However, we can figure out when that theoretically should be the case: On the 090999999999 = 90 = 9. Quite some time to go :)

This vibration contains almost exclusively the highest energies and the sum indicates the highest energy as well, the number 9. 9 is the highest single digit, which stands for wisdom and wisdom includes everything:

Cosmos  -  Light  -   Universe  -   Cosmic Intelligence  -  Higher Spheres  -  The Superior  -  The Nature

What is meant is always the same. It can also be associated with the term "God". This was and will be avoided throughout this book whenever possible, to avoid giving the all embracing power of nature the appearance of a person. The throughout most cultures and religions repeatedly tried personification of the forces which constitute the entire universe, are the vain attempts to make the cosmic omnipotence tangible and understandable.

Such attempts also form the basis to deny the cosmic energies the due respect and are attempts for representatives of the human race to take actively part in the associated power from a position of responsibility. Ergo churches are a kind of paradoxon on the road to truth. They operate virtually across the board at odds with the established objectives, mainly so through their doings and some less through their officially communicated objectives.

Nobody knows exactly what the universal superior forces are and therefore we are trying to avoid any attempt to find one single universal definition and will name those forces at times in various terms, according to their respective meaning.

The term religion should not be confused with the term confession or church. Throughout this book, we are going to define religion as teachings that lead to light without being dogmatic. We do not mean religion to be teachings that indeed may eventually lead to light as well, but make use of dogmatic laws that are accompanied by claims for power of people over other people, where those powers are partially or entirely part of such a faith assembly's constitution.

Example: The Pope is infallible. This sentence contains an absolute claim for power, since whoever utters a contradictory opinion is considered to belong to the dark side The substantial problem there are the associated threats, combined with the often grave consequences for the victims.

Also not meant are all teachings that preview the same tasks and duties for all people. After studying this book You shall easily have noticed, that not all people are finding themselves in the same state of development (grade) and therefore are not dealing with the same individual plan and therefore are facing very different individual tasks. Nature, in its variety of ways with which it guides it's entities towards their target, is significantly more diverse than religious or political communities that I know of, allow for.

By means of dogmatic teachings the respective elites are usually trying to keep the members of their religious and/or political group under control. Albeit dogmas can be considered to have a positive impact upon the ethics of primitive and/or weak entities, they are certainly slowing down more developed entities in their further evolutionary developments. This mechanism played in most cases a major role in the downfall of great cultures and systems of power to finally create room for new levels of evolutionary developments. This is what those who don't deny the facts and have a closer look can easily learn from the known past of mankind as well as from the known history of the Universe.

For better understanding the great number of interconnections please read all interpretations and validations for each number carefully, although not all of them seem to be of immediate interest to you. Embedded in the various interpretations and evaluations you shall find a significant amount of wisdom that is not always repeated throughout this book, but have best been explained where they genuinely belong by their corresponding and specific vibrations. All kinds of problems and energies are common to all humans, but with different weighting and intensity. When we investigate energies of names and birth dates, we can learn about these forces and their intensity in each individual life and in the various fields of life.


8. How The Term "Karma" Is Defined Inside This Book

The individual fate of each person, their individual tasks in life and the ways and means with which they can make progress towards their individual goals, have bin sampled under the term of "Karma" in this book. Regardless of the original definition of the term karma, at this point I would like to explain karma in a way, so that it fits into the context of the book and makes topics described therein comprehensible. That does not mean that my definition of karma differs from the original definition, but that the full definition of karma is so complex and extensive that it is beyond the scope of this book. Therefore I confined myself, to pick out some of the important and relevant points.

Karma is a Sanskrit word which means both "TO AFFECT" and "TO ACT". At first glance one might think that these two things are a kind of synonyms which is not so. "TO AFFECT" comes from the will and the thought and is thus the cause of our "ACTIONS". These "ACTIONS" are again causing the "EFFECT", which closes the circle and so we have found the precise meaning of the word Karma how it is commonly understood. We are looking at the law of cause and effect, in relation to the human life from the viewpoint of the doctrine of reincarnation. The karma of a human being can be explained and decrypted through the breakdown of his name and his date of birth, into different areas of life.

A name and a date of birth are containing the full set of information on the fate and the determination of a person. But be careful, as in astrology cause and effect can not be swapped. The number is not cause for a certain fate or determination, but each property is the cause for it's appropriate number. The number only reflects a state and condition. Here is an example: 

An engineer at a nuclear power plant explains to a new employee that if a particular light would glows red, that the reactor core would be overheated. No sane mind would now assume that if should someone make the red light glow in a manipulative manner, that the reactor core would now become overheated. No, although the lamp can be brought to glow by interference from the outside, there would be now causal effect on the reactor core. Just as Mars is not responsibility to ensure that someone , at whose birth he performed in a determinate angle, would be an aggressive person. No, the person was born into the angle and the angle of Mars, only reflects the state of the soul of this person, just like the red light, only reflects the overheated state of the reactor core, but however, can not cause the reactor core to overheat. It's the same with the numbers that we calculate for the various areas of life. They reflect predeterminations and facts, but they don't cause anything.

The term "Karma" is closely related to the doctrine of reincarnation. The higher self, the soul, that is trying to develop itself by reincarnating into a state or body that offers the greatest chance of reaching a specific goal, usually a specific section on its way to the light, successfully. The state, therefore the circumstances of life like the city, the parents and all other circumstances will be selected by the higher self by comparing the experiences of previous incarnations with that said goal and by analyzing exactly which goals have not been achieved and/or which ways and instruments were not helpful on the way to achieve those goals. This process is being repeated until the appropriate part or the goal itself has been achieved. Further, the soul follows the earlier mentioned principle of cause and effect. People will harvest what they were seeding. If they do not yield to smaller amounts of pressure and/or open roads, they will be facing severe pressure and placed on rails that do not allow for a lot of movement to either side or for much freedom of choice on railway switches. Anyone who wants to develop can do so and those who does not want to develop will be forced to follow their track by life circumstances to liberate their souls from the tasks at hand.

The name and date of birth reveal the karma, while the name reveals the most and most precise information. The name reveals information about where a person draws his strength, which forces he can rely on, what personality that a person carries within himself, what the objectives of the current incarnation are, which paths lead to these goals, what kind of support each entity is given, and last but not least what kind of cliffs have to be circumnavigated.

Similarly, we can see from the a name what kind of spirit is incarnated in a person, in what characteristics ones higher self ist reflected, in which of someone’s properties that spirit is mir-rored, what kind of live conditions can be expected, whether professional life is successful or not, whether the financial situa-tion will be stable and how relationships develop. Consequently, by changing the name, changes and upheavals occur in some-one’s life. There are many examples like the name change upon marriage, name changes in orders and the name changes upon the enthronement of rulers and prelates, such as popes.

In all such cases begins, without any doubt, at the very moment when the name changes, a new life segment. In this context follows a priceless opportunity to study for proposed name changes and thus whether the step that lies behind the name change, is in harmony with the energy of the birth name or not. 

As such steps are usually voluntary, one can possibly even abstain from planned steps, or in the positive case, benefit from a significant sense of security to do the right thing. Similarly, someone may consider carefully whether his or her individual vibrations will be altered positively or negatively by a name change. So far, no one would have to become a henpecked husband any longer or to assume office if that step would most probably and ultimately weaken his or her life quality and/or will not be successful. Such development, through the analysis of the proposed new name, can be predicted. While studying "Philosphy of Numbers" and the individual vibrations described therein, you'll find easily, what an enormous amount of useful information is included. For better understanding, it is important that you read the analysis and descriptions off all the numbers, not only those which directly affect the person to be analyzed. 

To perform calculations and diagrams under chapter VI. we need a standardized value for each digit, similar to a school mark. This is not about who has the better marks, but who has got where which marks. As we all know we can only grow and grow strong if we know our weaknesses as well as our strengths and if we overcome our weaknesses. Further it is at least as a byproduct a great benefit to obtain an impression of the incarnation level, by grouping marks into themes and calculate averages, meaning levels by theme. High marks do promote our level of self confidence, help build strength and courage, where as bad marks, provided there is a genuine interest, will make us thoughtful.

A merciless mirror image is able to create a counterweight to on of the bigger human weaknesses such as lying, hypocrisy, self-deception, ignorance and intolerance. Through carefully and completely reading this book, you will get to know my position, which, despite my greatest effort towards objectivity, logically and ultimately remains subjective. Every reader is therefore at liberty to adjust the ratings. There is no dogma here and all of you can choose your own level of self-honesty.

To assist you a bit with that, I shall tell you something about the underlying principle which I have used to keep the level of objectivity at max. It goes like this:

A person should take responsibility for the development of his or her personality as much as possible, especially without having exploiting too much energy from the environment in a manner that is obvious for themselves and/or others. In these times, the environment consists primarily from our fellow human beings and the planet Earth as a whole. In the past, for example, our responsibility was limited to the known part of the world, perhaps one country or a continent, sometimes even just a valley or a piece of woodland. In the future, our responsibility might extend to a solar system or a galaxy. You will soon find that there is no pleasure, coming from external input, that is able to compete with the kind of pleasure that comes with understanding the Universe and recognizing things of importance. Having fun, in this context, is nothing like contradictory to become enlighted.In this spirit I wish you a lot of fun and even more insights while reading this book.

Your Magnamentis Team

We would like assist you in getting the best and the most out of "The Philosophy of Numbers" !

Should you be an experienced user of "The Philosophy of Numbers" already, then we hope that we shall be able to surprise you with additional and some new knowledge, so that you and the world surrounding you can enjoy even more life quality through the knewly won insight.

Please make use of the simple form below to benefit from regular informationen about new releases and extensions and to receive the download link for the introduction to "The Philosophy of Numbers".

Further you shall have the opportunity to directly exchange information with us, no matter whether it will be to contribute to the goal of better understanding and/or  to let us know about your personal views and opinions.

Right now we are in the process to implement the entire knowledge into one single book. We shall inform you as soon as we are done with it and you shall have the possibility to receive your personal copy of the book.


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Applied Integrated Numerology By Magnamentis For A Better Understanding of Menkind as well as there Religions, Politics, Philosophy And Fate

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