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Retrofitting large cargo aircraft using Turbo Wing® Technology as shown, will dramatically improve its utility and economy. The retrofit simply requires the removal of the wing flaps and the installation of powered rotors in the wing cutouts where the flaps were located. See Retrofit Concept The retrofit of the wing will dramatically improve the low speed utility of the aircraft, increase its rate of climb and will extend the range of the aircraft without any degadation of its high speed performance.


Parameters Standard
Maximum take-off wight in pounds 155'000 155'000
Power Plants - Four 4'050 eshp 16'200 16'200
Shaft horsepower per rotor -- 610
Take-off speed 145 mph 50 mph
Rate of climb in feet per minute 1'800 3'600
Take-off distance in feet 5'169 1'000
Minimum flight speed flaps up 170 mph 50 mph
Maximum cruise speed 386 mph 386 mph
Stalling speed flaps up 154 mph < 35 mph
Stalling speed flaps down 129 mph --
Range with 38'536 lbs paylod 2'200 miles 3'500 miles
Landing distance in feet 1799 400

*No flaps on retrofitted wings

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