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In 1985, the wings of a full-scale Cessna 207 aircraft were retrofit with Turbo Wing® Technology.

The plane was flown more than 100 times with significant results. Testing showed that the technology produced:

  • Level flight capability on rotors alone

  • Wing stalling non-existent

  • Lift per-shaft horsepower applied to rotors approximately 120 pounds per shaft horsepower at speeds as low as 30 to 35 mph

  • Excellent stability and control at all speeds, including high "Angles Of Attack" flight.
Parameters Standard Retrofit
Take-off wight 3'570 lbs 3'570 lbs
Shaft horsepower per rotor -- 15
Take-off speed (see chart below) 75 mph 35 mph
Rate of climb in feet per minute 810 1'600
Take-off distance in feet (over 50' obstacle) 1'900 400
Landing speed 80 mph 35 mph
Landing distance in feet (over 50' obstacle) 1'500 300



Cessna 207 Ground Tests
Take-Off Distance Versus Take-Off Time




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